Christmas Crystals

Christmas Crystals


These festive little Swarovski crystal trees are just right to add a touch of seasonal flare to any outfit casual or more formal. Earring are ~1.5" from the top of the french ear wires to the base of the tree. 

  • Membership Committee Chairperson Duties


    Ongoing Membership Database Updates:

    • After receiving new Membership Applications and Membership Renewal Forms from the Treasurer in Chairperson’s mail box, enter and update all member information into Membership Database. Please see Mem Database Instructions file for more information. Please verify that all areas of the forms are filled out, and the payment is noted. 

    • After adding all new members to the Database, add New Member waiver forms alphabetically to the Parma Lapidary Club 3-ring Membership Binder, kept in the office. 

    • After updating renewing members in the Database, find the member’s waiver in the Membership Binder. Initial and date the waiver for the year renewed. Renewal forms may then be discarded.

    • For new members to receive the Rock Box Newsletter, their emails must be placed in the body of an email and send to



    • Routinely update Parma Lapidary Club Current Roster file with all current members. Print and hang this roster on the club bulletin board.

    • Routinely ensure copies of the Membership Application Form and Membership Renewal Slip are printed and kept in the Membership Application mail box. Go to Computer->Documents->Membership->Membership Forms to find the templates for these forms.

    •  Keep New Member Folders available to give to all new members, during orientation meetings and as needed. 

      These folders should consist of a copy of Shop Rules & Regulations, Code of Conduct, and By Laws. Go to Computer->Documents->Membership to find these forms. 


    Quarterly New Member Orientation Meetings:

    • Schedule a quarterly meeting with all new members that have signed up in the past quarter. Have an email sent to all new and current members with a date reminder. Weekends are usually a good time to hold meetings after open shop hours.

    • Before the meeting, print and assemble New Member Folders consisting of all needed documents. Also, print coupons for 1 Day of Shop Fees, to be handed out for all new members that attend the orientation. Go to Computer->Documents->Membership->Membership Forms->Mem Coupons.

    • During the meeting:

      Have all members sign in.

      Have introductions of new and current members, including their background and share any lapidary related interests.

      Read through all documents in the New Member Folder as a group. Answer any questions pertaining to these documents and the club in general.

      Give a short tour of the shop to new members.

      Hand out coupons at the end of the orientation. 


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