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About Us


Natureation creates unique jewelry that reflects our passion for diving and adventure by capturing the allure of nature above and beneath the waves. 


Natureation came into being as an outgrowth of our enjoyment of nature and each of our hobbies, scuba diving, hiking, photography and jewelry making. We want to share the beauty we see with others  and to promote conservation of the earth’s beauty and resources, especially an appreciation of the gifts of the sea.



As a former teacher and school administrator, I began teaching myself jewelry making over thirty years ago, each year learning a new technique to make unique presents for friends and family. Advanced professional courses have additionally honed my skills with wire wrapping & weaving being my preferred techniques. I hope my work inspires your appreciation and conservation of the earth's treasures.

I am a trustee of the Parma Lapidary Club where I cut and polish a number of my cabochons. I am also an active member of the Berea Fine Arts Club.


Bernie has chosen to retire from retail photography sales. He still is very helpful in photographing my jewelry and attending shows.




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