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Who are we?

Partners, Adventurers, Scuba Divers, a jeweler and a photographer

Why do we do it?

We hope that our work heightens your appreciation of nature and your willingness to protect that beauty.


Drawn from my love and respect for nature, I seek to capture the unique character of each focal semi-precious gemstone or fossil to create a one of a kind piece of jewelry just for you I use a combination of traditional wire wrapping, wire weaving and beading techniques using gold filled, sterling or copper wire often treated with a patina to highlight the textures and complimented with interwoven crystals to create a balance of color, texture and shape of each artist cut and polished focal piece.


Michele is a trustee of  the Parma Lapidary Club and a member of the Berea Fine Arts Club. She also regularly teaches basic and intermediate wire wrapping for Flux Metal Arts and  Parma Lapidary Club.

We are both members of Bay Area Divers, Lake Erie Wreck Divers, and Divers Alert Network​.

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