Who are we?

Partners, Adventurers, Scuba Divers, a jeweler and a photographer

What do we do?

Create art that celebrates the beauty of nature.

Why do we do it?

We hope that our work heightens your appreciation of nature and your willingness to protect that beauty.

How did we get here?

Natureation came into being as an outgrowth of our enjoyment of nature and each of our hobbies, scuba diving, hiking, and jewelry making for Michele and photography for Bernie. We want to share the beauty we see with others and to promote conservation of the earth’s beauty and resources, especially an appreciation of the gifts of nature.


Over thirty years ago, I began to teach myself a new jewelry making technique each year to make unique Christmas presents and ornaments for friends and family. Wire wrapping has been my go to technique for the last 15 years.Drawn from my love and respect for nature, I seek to capture the unique character of each focal gemstone or fossil. I use a combination of traditional wire wrapping, wire weaving and beading techniques using gold filled, sterling or copper wire often treated with a patina to highlight the textures and complimented with interwoven crystals to create a balance of color, texture and shape of each artist cut and polished focal piece.

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e-mail: contactus@natureation.com

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